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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

السلام عليكم، ويسعد صباحكم
Peace be upon you, and very good morning!

Hi, i am a non-arabic native speaker, but i learn arabic since 1991. I am a malay, live in Malaysia. Now i hold a degree and MA in arabic language and literature, and in near future will have my PhD in Arabic Literature.

I would like to share with you, starting with this, my first blog in learning Arabic, so we can discuss all that matters to learn Arabic especially for non native speaker.

These are the topics, or some of them that i would like to share with you, which i have created websites for each of it:
1) Basic Arabic for first time learners
2) Arabic for beginners
3) Arabic for advance learners
4) Arabic Grammar
5) Arabic Issues

And in near future, i am intending to build up those websites, that will discuss all the previous topics in depth.

For now, until the sites are well created and mantained, we will provide the discussion on those topics in blogs:

Main blog - Arabic tutor
1) Basic Arabic
2) Arabic for beginners
3) Arabic for advance
4) Arabic Grammar
5) Arabic Issues

Have a nice day.


At 1:16 AM, Blogger Aishah said...

Dear Zul,

Just to check whether you interested to tutor 2 students

One secondary student - form 2 and another one is doing part time study in construction management in UiTM (which as part of univ. requirement to take 3rd language subject and she choose arabic as her 3rd language).

Please reply to: (Aishah)


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